Soccer KC

Community Programs

How Soccer KC supports Kansas City schools and communities.

La Montaña Moyuta Jutiapa, Guatemala City where our Gear for Guate drive provides locals footwear.

Soccer KC is more than Soccer.

Our club was founded by passionate players with a deep appreciation for soccer as a cultural and communal institution.

Soccer seems simple, requiring just a ball and a pitch to create an exhilarating experience for up to 22 simultaneous players. However, it is within those collective moments on the field, between teammates and opponents, that this seemingly basic game transforms into a rich cultural experience. Under effective leadership, it holds the potential to profoundly influence the entire community, particularly its youngest members.

Soccer KC is proud to allot a portion of all adult league team dues directly towards supporting the programs at the schools in which we play.

We believe that today’s youth are tomorrow’s captains, coaches, and community leaders. We strive to empower them through soccer!