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Soccer Match for Solidarity

Soccer Match for Solidarity

By Rodrigo Sarmento Leite, Breno Oliveira

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The state of Rio Grande do Sul in the southern part of Brazil, home to one of our players, has been devastated by floods over the past couple of weeks. The flooding, caused by torrential rains, has left approximately 65% of the state under water causing over 800K people to abandon their homes. The Soccer KC family is banding together and hosting a fundraising pick-up on Wednesday, May 22nd at 5pm. The games will be hosted at Durwood Stadium and all proceeds will be donated to helping support shelters that have taken in people that are suffering from the floods in Porto Alegre and Canoas. The event will also include a food truck from Taste of Brazil who will also be donating to the event. We encourage all soccer fans to come, eat, have fun, and support a great cause.

Donate by purchasing a player or eater ticket from our event page. We will also be selling eater tickets on site. You can donate directly to flood relief efforts here.