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How to Use GroupMe to Organize Your Team

Set up a group for team chat and game RSVPs.

Wouldn’t it be nice to chat easily with your team AND see who’s coming to games?

GroupMe is a solid choice! It’s a popular tool for team chat and game RSVPs.

To start a group:

  1. Download the GroupMe app
  2. Tap the pen icon in the bottom-right and “Group”
  3. Name your group and start adding teammates

Start names to see if they’re already on the app, otherwise use their phone number or email to add them. Captains can also share a GroupMe or WhatsApp invite link through the message team feature on the Team Page.

In addition to chatting and posting updates for games, many teams use GroupMe to share standings screenshots (, arrange get togethers, or @ tag specific players with questions or post-game banter.

Game events may be the most useful feature! Creating an event asks everyone to click “Yes” or “No” whether they’re attending the next game.

To create an event for your next game:

  1. Tap the + icon in the chat bar at the bottom.
  2. Tap the calendar icon and “Create New Event”
  3. Fill in all the game details (hint: add a reminder at the bottom so players get automatic reminders)

As teammates start clicking yes or no, you’ll see a list of “Going”, “Not Going” and “Pending”.

Here are screenshots showing the calendar icon for creating a new calendar event, and what a soccer team GroupMe looks like: